Businesses ill-prepared for natural disasters

[12 June 2013] - Few Vietnamese enterprises have paid proper attention to handling natural disasters or preparing business continuity plans, putting themselves and the community at risk. According to an APEC survey, only 23 per cent of 595 businesses surveyed in 18 economies had Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and 37 per cent had never heard of the plan. Major obstacles for building BCP were low awareness of managers and employees, lack of BCP

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Green Economy

A “green economy” is one where environmental sustainability is integrated into economic planning and where economic growth is gentle to the environment.It is also one where specific efforts are made to addressing past neglects that have resulted in polluted the air and the water. A “green economy” is also one where climate change is an important factor in decisions across society to limit the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases (mitigation) and reduce the vulnerability to climate change (adaptation). “What is required is a paradigm shift to a new low-carbon development model with sustainable lifestyles,” said Jim Adams, World Bank vice president for the East Asia & Pacific region.

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Vietnam to remain manufacturing hotspot

[15 Dec. 2012] - Vietnam is expected to move into the top 10 most competitive nations for manufacturing in next five years. According to a Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index report released by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and the US Council on Competitiveness, Vietnam will jump from its current global ranking of 18th to 10th.

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Government discusses reforming SOEs

[9 September 2012] - The Government on September 6 discussed a project to renovate and improve the efficiency of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). According to Minister of Planning and Investment Bui Quang Vinh, the project focuses on summarising the renovation, development and improvement in efficiency of SOEs since 2001 to ensure the state sector’s core role in Vietnam ’s socialist-oriented market economy.

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Vietnam deputy PM says 30 pct of public servants ineffective

[14 Feb. 2013] - Up to 30 percent of Vietnam’s public servants fail to do their jobs effectively, the Lao Dong (Labor) quoted Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc as saying on 26 Jan 2013. He told a government meeting that current policies don’t allow salaries to be based on merit, so incompetent workers are rewarded with the same salaries as excellent workers, who have little chance of pay raises or promotions

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VN business environment lags behind region

[26 October 2012] - "Viet Nam needs to reform its business regulatory climate if it hopes to reach the level of other economies in the Asia-Pacific region," World Bank country director for Viet Nam Victoria Kwakwa said in a meeting on 24 October 2012 held to launch a new report by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

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Economic reality bites into society

[6 April 2013] - Several years of economic trouble, with a weak outlook for improvement, have made life increasingly difficult for many Vietnamese.In the piercing cold at sunset, cho nguoi - the labourers market - next to Hanoi National University was in full swing. Hundreds of people were squatting, standing or even lying on the ground. As darkness approached everyone was still waiting and hoping for work.

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